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How to pay

Whilst we have many documents available free of charge, access to others is subject to licence fees.

You can purchase access to a Docular template by:

  • paying the applicable licence fee directly by card or via PayPal; or
  • using Docular credits.

When to pay directly

In general you should pay directly, by card or via PayPal, if you do not already have credits in your account, you need only a single template and your total expenditure is less than £100.

When to use Docular credits

You should purchase credits, and use those credits to pay for templates, if you are planning to purchase multiple templates, particularly if your total expenditure will be more than £100.

Using credits represents a cost saving. While the purchase price for credits is less than £1 per credit, each credit will usually count for more than £1 when purchasing a document licence. The cost saving is particularly significant if you purchase the "standard user" or "power user" credits package.

Find out more about the different credit packages here.

Docular credits currently have no designated expiry date. We guarantee that if we do introduce an expiry date in future it will be at least 12 months from the date that we notify you.

What are the licence terms?

Whether you choose to pay directly or using credits, you will be purchasing a particular licence or licences. Visit our licensing page for more details.

Our guarantee

All our documents come with a money back guarantee.


If you represent a UK law firm or the legal department of a UK company and are interested in subscription-based access to our editor and library, please get in touch.