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Example legal agreement

Except to the extent expressly provided otherwise, in
this Agreement
  1. "
    " means
    this agreement
    including any
    s, and any amendments to
    this Agreement
    from time to time;
  2. "Defined" means
    whatever you want it to mean
    ; and
  3. "
    " means any
    attached to
    the main body of this Agreement
Ways of including provisions
Example mandatory inclusion
Some of the text in our documents cannot be removed or edited.
Example optional inclusion
This provision is optional: it may be removed from the document by clicking on the blue toggle. Click on the toggle again to reinstate the provision.
Example alternative inclusion
This provision is one of two alternatives. Click here if you want to select this provision.
Example alternative inclusion
This is the other alternative. Click here to select this alternative.
Examples of text editing
Example edit types: introduction
Docular lets you edit your documents in an efficient and flexible, yet controlled, manner.
Example prompt
Pink highlighting of sections of italic text in a document are used to prompt for information. For example, you might be prompted to provide a
. After you have edited the text, it will turn green.
Example editable text
Editable text (
such as this text
) works in a similar way to a text prompt, but the highlighting is yellow before editing.
Example optional text
Docular also allows you to remove optional text
(such as this)
from within a provision, whilst retaining the surrounding text.
Example fully editable text
If the editing options within a provision are not sufficiently flexible, you can change the provision into a fully editable state by clicking the cog button at the top-right corner of the provision, and selecting "Free edit". You can revert to guided editing by clicking "Assisted edit".
Examples of lists
Example single level list
Documents may include lists, and where lists items are optional the lists will be automatically renumbered and punctuated as list items are removed and added. For instance, three of the items in this list are optional, and additional list items can be added by the user:
  1. first item;
  2. second item;
  3. third item
  4. fourth item
    ; and
  5. fifth item
Example nested list
Lists can also be nested within other lists, as this example shows:
  1. first item;
  2. second item:
    1. first nested item;
    2. second nested item; and
    3. third nested item
      ; and
  3. third item
Automated references
Example references: introduction
Docular automates numbering and cross-references within a document, so you don't have to think about how your editing may affect numbering or cross-references.
Example self-references
Each provision "knows" where it is in a document. For example:
this Section 5.2
. Remove the preceding provision to see this in action.
Example cross-reference target
This provision is referenced in the following provision. If this provision is renumbered, the cross-reference below will update. If this provision is deleted, the cross-reference will fail.
Example cross-reference
This cross-reference points to the preceding provision:
Section 5.3
Example all documentation list
In addition to basic cross-references, documents may also include automated lists of all the parts of a document. This is a list of all the parts of this document:
the main body of this Agreement and the Schedules
. As parts are added and removed, the lists will update automatically. Try removing the schedules below to see this in action.
Example survivor list
In addition, some contractual documents will include an automated list of the provisions which are intended to survive termination. Here is the list for this document:
main body of this Agreement
. All of the provisions in the main body of this document are listed, but the first three provisions of
this Section 5
have been designated as optionally surviving. You can remove them from the surviving provisions list by clicking on the cog and deselecting "Survives termination".
Examples of repeaters
Example editable repeater
In some cases, where text within a document can be edited, those edits will be reflected elsewhere in the same provision. For example, if you
edit this
, then automatically you will also
edit this Agreement text

Schedule 1 (Example schedule)

Example defined terms
Example using This Defined Term
This is a defined term: Defined. This is the only place in the document it is used. If you remove this provision (using the top-right toggle) and click "Save", the corresponding definition in the first section of the document will automatically be removed. Reinstate this provision and save again in order to reinstate the definition.

Schedule 2 (Another example schedule)

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