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Our document library

In preparing our library of legal documents we have tried to balance:

  • usability;
  • comprehensiveness; and
  • certainty.

Legal documents for lawyers

Many lawyers use our services, and we are often told that our documents are superior in both quality and flexibility to those published by some of the larger legal precedent and know-how publishers.

Time spent creating first drafts represents a significant proportion of many lawyers' working lives. With Docular, you can save lots of time whilst delegating the more tedious aspects of document creation to our algorithms.

Legal documents for non-lawyers

We believe that many types of legal document should be usable both by lawyers and non-lawyers. If documents are written in clear English, there is no need to sacrifice quality. Indeed, the majority of our customers are not legally qualified. To help non-lawyer users, a set of editing notes is provided with each document.

For the non-lawyer, some of the documents may seem rather long and complex. The reason for this is that it is easier to remove unwanted provisions than to draft new ones. Using the Docular online editor, it is easy to do so: an optional provision can be removed with a single click, and all numbering and cross-references will be updated automatically upon removal.

Areas of expertise

The current content of the document library reflects our particular areas of expertise. We have a very wide range of website legal documents and software-related contracts. We also have a number of general commercial documents and intellectual property related documents.

If you can't find the document you are looking for, let us know, and we may be able to create a new template for you.

Up-to-date documents

The documents have been regularly updated since creation, and we will continue to update them in future.