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Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to pay any ongoing fees for a document licence?

No, the licence fee is a one-off payment.

2. Can I purchase your documents and then supply them to my clients for their own use?

Yes, you may. The number of clients you can supply a document to depends upon the licence you have purchased: 1 client for a standard licence, 5 for an extended licence and 25 for a professional licence.

3. Can I edit a document, then pass it to my usual lawyer for her to review?

Yes. The lawyer can keep a copy of the document and continue to maintain it for you thereafter.

4. Can I distribute a copy of one of your documents with my software program?

Yes, providing that the purpose of the document is to regulate the use of the software program (eg an end user licence agreement).

5. How soon will I have access to a document after making a purchase?

Access is immediate.

6. How long will it take me to edit your documents?

That depends upon the document in question and your skills and experience. Our research suggest that it takes significantly less than half the time to create a first draft legal document with Docular, as compared to using a Word document template of comparable quality.

7. How can I keep my Docular-generated documents up to date?

If you sign up for our newsletter during in your account settings, we will periodically notify you of significant template updates. You can also see the latest document version date on each document description page. When you create a new document instance for editing, that instance will be created from the latest version of the relevant document, irrespective of the date of your purchase.

8. What happens if I choose the wrong document, but only discover this after I start editing?

Let us know, and we should be able to either swap the document (adjusting for price differences) or refund your purchase under our guarantee.

9. Is it possible to purchase a subscription for my firm's lawyers to access the documents?

Please get in touch for details.