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What's new in Docular?

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Some Docular documents are long. Very long. Sometimes, finding the clause you need to edit is a long scroll. So, to make it easier, we've added a Jump to: menu on the blue panel on the right. Click the button and select the clause you want to jump to and it'll scroll quickly there.

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APIFebruary 2018

Docular now has an Application Programming Interface; a way for your web application to talk to Docular. With it you can pull your Docular documents directly in to your web application, ensuring your displayed documents are always up to date. Find out more about our API.

The first thing we did with the API was build a Wordpress plugin. Wordpress is the most widely used website building tool, and our plugin will help you keep your terms and conditions and privacy policies up to date. Find out more about our Wordpress plugin.

Docular has a new API

RevertJanuary 2018

We've added a Revert button to the document editor. Now, you can go back to any point you saved the document. We only keep the revisions for your current logged in session, but if you've edited yourself in to a hole, there is a quick way to get back to where you were.

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Custom definitionsDecember 2017

The new power mode tools allow you to add custom provisions or freely edit existing ones. You might also want to add a new definition. The new custom definition tool allows you to write your own definitions. Just click the dictionary-like icon, and an edit box will appear. Your custom definition will automatically slot in to the correct place. You can easily edit your definition at any time.

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Power modeOctober 2017

Docular does a great job at helping you draft your legal documents but sometimes you just need a little more freedom. So, we added Power mode. Power mode gives you a suite of advanced editing tools that allow you to customise your document to your needs.

Item Description
Include or exclude this element from the document (but exclusion is likely to leave inconsistencies or lacunae in the document).
The element is in its standard assisted edit mode. Click to turn the element in to freely editable text. (You can change it back later.)
Click to move the element up or down the document. You can move an element multiple times to place it where you want.
Add a paragraph of freely editable text to the end of the section. (The paragraph can be moved like any other.)
If this document includes a list of provisions surviving termination, this provision will be included. Click to change.
This provision is numbered. Click to make it unnumbered. Click again to make it numbered again.
Add a custom definition to the list of definitions.
Power mode opens up new editing options