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Why use Docular?

Docular has many benefits for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. We don't think there is another legal document creation system that offers the same benefits.

  • Document range: Within our specialities, we supply a wide range of different documents, so you're more likely to find a template that is a good fit for your requirements.
  • Drafting quality: The documents available here are based on the SEQ Legal precedent library, which has been created by expert lawyers and improved and refined over the last decade.
  • Fully up to date: The back-end Docular system helps us to ensure that all the documents on this website are up to date with the latest legal developments.
  • Speed and efficiency: Using the Docular online editor, it typically takes less than 50% of the time required to produce a legal document as compared with working from a (good quality) Word document precedent.
  • Freedom from error: Automation of numbering, cross-referencing, definitions handling and more means that there is much less room for error.
  • Multiple formats: Once you've finished editing a document, you can save that document and export it as a PDF, RTF, HTML or DOCX (Microsoft Word) file.

These benefits arise out of the functionality built into Docular's online document editor.

Online document editor

Once a suitable precedent has been found or created, it can be used to generate documents for particular uses.

Our custom document generator makes this process a real pleasure for those used to editing documents in a word processor.

The precedent document is represented in the on-screen document generator, with a range of icons and other indicators designed to help the editing process. Most editing actions can be performed with single click or tap.

For instance, you may be able to remove sub-sections, whole sections, or even whole schedules from a document in a moment.

As you edit, the document is automatically renumbered and re-referenced, and if you remove all usages of a defined term from the document, the definition will be automatically deleted.

You can save your document at any time, and return to editing later.

Give the editor a test drive now with our example legal document.