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About Docular

The purpose of Docular is to minimise inefficiencies and errors in the legal document creation process.

Document creation

Legal document creation often involves highly-trained lawyers repeating work they have previously done, and repeating work that has been done by other lawyers. By eliminating many kinds of repetition, we can significantly reduce the time it takes to produce a legal document, and the associated costs. In automating some of the document production processes, we can also eliminate many types of human error.

Docular Limited

The Docular website and software is owned and operated by Docular Limited. We are situated in Oxfordshire, on the banks of the Thames, and took over the business from SEQ Legal LLP in March 2020.

We have particular expertise in IT law, intellectual property law, media law and commercial law. We are not however a firm of solicitors, and accordingly are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.


Our key people include Alasdair Taylor, a solicitor specialising in IT law who previously worked for Mayer Brown LLP and Penningtons Manches LLP, and Michael Townshend, an expert system developer and information architect.

Future developments

We plan to continue adding features to the software, including in due course lawyers with access to the back-end, enabling them to create, maintain and share their own legal texts.


Our talented illustrator, who helped bring these pages to life, is John Taylor.

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