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Docular and English law

The documents on this website are, for the most part, English law documents.

What is an English law document?

There are several different aspects to this.

  • First, they have all been created by lawyers qualified in England and Wales.
  • Second, the documents are designed to aid compliance with the laws of England and Wales (where applicable).
  • Third, the contractual documents on the website are designed to be governed by English law. The governing law of a contract may affect both the validity and interpretation of its provisions.

English law in international contracts

English law is widely used as the governing law for international business-to-business contracts.

The advantages of using English law to govern an international contract include an established jurisprudence, a reputation for fairness and flexibility, widespread legal expertise and a high-quality dispute resolution system.

In general, two businesses are free to choose the governing law of their contracts. However, this does not necessarily mean that other laws won't encroach upon a contract (see panel right).

European Union laws

Despite the Brexit vote, for the time being the UK remains a member of the European Union and EU law applies in the UK.

Whilst some of the law affecting the documents on this website has been harmonised at the EU level, different member states have implemented EU laws in different ways.

So, complying with the English law implementation of a specific EU law may ensure a measure of compliance with the relevant law in other EU jurisdictions, but it does not always ensure compliance with other implementations of that law.

Adaptation for other contexts

The documents can always be adapted for other legal systems by appropriately experienced lawyers and contract professionals. However, users without expertise in the relevant laws should be very wary of using these documents outside the English law context.

We strongly suggest that you get expert advice before doing so.