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Email disclaimer

This is a template for a legal notice to be displayed in email communications.

Although the enforceability of email disclaimers may be open to question, many businesses nonetheless incorporate a disclaimer in the footer of all email communications. However, there is no "standard" disclaimer, as different businesses face different compliance obligations and legal risks.

This template may be used to create a document covering some or all of the following matters: (i) confidential and legally privileged information contained in emails; (ii) erroneously addressed emails; (iii) accidental virus distribution; (iv) exclusions of liability in relation to emails and email content; (v) copyright in email contents; (vi) trade mark rights; and (vii) statutory disclosure obligations, including a reference to the business's privacy notice or privacy policy to assist with data protection compliance.

NB: this template has not been specifically designed for use in relation to marketing emails, which are subject to special legal rules.

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Email disclaimer contents

    Email confidential or legally privileged; email sent in error; email contains no advice; email not guaranteed to be virus-free; email liability disclaimer; email content copyright ownership; email containing trade marks; email not to create binding contract; email opinions; email monitoring; personal data to be used in accordance with privacy policy; email business identification (sole trader); email business identification (company); email business identification (partnership).
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